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Advanced Veterinary Imaging Direct (AVID)

The Advanced Veterinary Imaging Direct Service has been temporarily suspended. The Veterinary Medical Center remains committed to you and your patients. If you have a patient that requires advanced imaging, they can be scheduled with one of our specialty services. Thank you for your understanding.
The Veterinary Medical Center is pleased to offer Advanced Veterinary Imaging Direct, our outpatient service for the region's veterinary specialists and cutting-edge practitioners. Now your practice has direct access to the most advanced imaging technology for veterinary use in the nation, with consultation and interpretation provided by our on-site team of experienced radiologists.
As this procedure is being performed on an outpatient basis, you will remain the primary attending veterinarian, unless you or your client specifically request consultation with one of our specialty services. As the attending veterinarian, the program therefore requires that you be available for consultation regarding medical and diagnostic decisions throughout the time the patient is at the Veterinary Medical Center.
We are committed to providing the kind of service your most valued clients have come to expect from your practice.
Contact us at (612) 624-9583 to learn how your patients can receive the benefits of Advanced Veterinary Imaging Direct.
Picture showing Advanced Imaging Results 1
Picture showing Advanced Imaging Results 2